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by admin October 24, 2021

As you navigate your way through the world of The Cloud, the team here at Rivergreen Software is here to help you. Whether you’re looking for a simple public cloud solution to optimize your work or business process, or if you’re looking for a complex private cloud deployment to run a particular business process for your organization, Rivergreen Software can help. We’ve been doing IT, software and Engineering for more than 20 years. Since turning our attention to internet solutions and the cloud in 2007, we have provided solutions for numerous businesses, processes and industries. Some of the Rivergreen Software solutions delivered include cloud solutions for:

  • Civil Engineering,
  • Inventory and enterprise resource management,
  • public sector safety,
  • project management,
  • contract and purchasing management,
  • charity/benefit contest platform,
  • customer management,
  • enterprise storage,
  • disaster recovery,
  • content management and
  • e-commerce

Area where we are expanding include:

  • Business analysis and BPR software
  • Oilfield inventory
  • Integrated safety platform
  • Contract process management
  • PMI project process workflow