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by admin October 24, 2021

Data is the platform on which we build modern information systems. What is the state of your data? Are you ready for the future of big data mining? Do you know how much your corporate data is worth? Whether you simply want to protect your data or position it to as a profit driver for your business, we can help you get there.

Transforming your current data to information and knowledge can drive your bottom line. Not only do you find valuable data in the systems across the company, but you can also gain significant, documented corporate knowledge from the documents and conversations of your expert employees. Everything becomes mineable, corporate data. This data transformation can turn out significant ROI in: operational procedures and safety; cost cutting initiatives; streamlining of reports; and, legal and regulatory matters.

Data as a service:

XDW the Extended Data Warehouse architecture: Data integration platform (etl structured data loading); data refinery automatically ingests and sorts data from non-traditional, unstructured sources.

Data warehouse platforms:

Critical,decision-making architecture provides sophisticated analytics and reports that can be historical or use statistical algorithms to create new predictive data sources.

Real time analytics:

Create a thousand variants of the same data tests in an instant. Discover trends and future outcomes based on outcome scenarios that can be modelled from your data sources (historic and predicted)