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by admin October 24, 2021

Rivergreen Software has a solution for you. With experience across a multitude of industries, from public sector, safety and manufacturing to e-commerce, law and energy, we’ve seen a lot and delivered solutions for almost every industry you can think of. Based on our experience with industry practices, business processes and software best practices, Rivergreen Software offers a full suite of software unlike any company out there.

Industries and Solutions

  • Legal case & matter management
  • Civil engineering solutions
  • Project management tracking & workflows
  • Purchasing and contract management
  • Resource and inventory management
  • Content & record services
  • Energy resource tracking
  • Real estate lead generation
  • Non-profit and social contest & event platform
  • New company and startup custom software and website packages

Products & Services

  • Culvert Design
  • CulvertPro
  • Underground Structures
  • Hydraulogy & Waterflow Tools
  • Construction / Worksite Inventory Management
  • Safety management software suite
  • Project management software
  • SharePoint and Content Management Solutions
  • Integrated management application (coming soon)

Infrastructure and Support Services

  • Public and private cloud infrastructure
  • Domain management solutions
  • Website hosting and performance optimization
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning & infrastructure services